Supply & Install Hunter Pacific 433 Typhoon Mach 2 Ceiling Fan | 1200mm 4 Blade Brushed Chrome

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HUNTER PACIFIC 433 Typhoon Mach 2 Ceiling Fan | 1200mm 4 Blade Brushed Chrome


Hunter Pacific currently has one industrial ceiling fan and that is the Typhoon Metal. The Typhoon Metal is a full metal fan, by this we mean all parts of the fan are made of metal including the blades. The double step pitch of the blades combined with its large motor allows the Typhoon Metal to circulate optimum volumes of airflow with each spin.

Installing Location
Typhoon Metal ceiling fans should only be installed with inside the home. It is recommended that if you are installing in outdoor or coastal areas that you use a Typhoon 316 ceiling fan.

Motor Housing
The motor housing of the Typhoon Metal is made from pressed steel. This ensures a long life expectancy from the product. There are a variety of painted and plated finishes available in the Typhoon Metal range to ensure there is a colour to suit your specific needs.

The Typhoon Metal 1220mm (48″) and 1320mm (52″) ceiling fans have a 16 pole, 188mm x15mm motor, while the 1420mm (56″) ceiling fan has a 16 pole 188mm x 25mm motor. All Hunter Pacific fan motors use vacuum impregnated high-grade copper windings, silicon-steel stators and sealed bearings for long life and quiet operation. The wall controller in conjunction with the stator windings ensures optimum speeds for all conditions. With minimal motor movement and a cool operational temperature, this powerful motor is guaranteed lasting operation.

Blade Material
The blades of the Typhoon Metal are made from steel. These are finished using the same process as the motors. There are over 300 processes that the blades must go through to ensure a quality lasting finish. The blade has an angled trailing edge to ensure that maximum air volume is moved by the blade.

Blade Pitch
The Typhoon ceiling fan has a genuine 22 degree pitch on the blade. The angle consists of 2 parts, the 17 degree on the blade and a further 5 degree on the trailing edge to increase the volume of air moved by the product.


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